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What is Viagra

Viagra is a drug that contains the active substance citrate sildenafil. This is the first of its kind preformed drug that is taken by mouth and has a pronounced high efficiency in a significant number of men with potency problems (70% from 100%). The majority of men prefer viagra as it helps to normalize an erection without the use of painful procedures and injections into the penis. To regain his manhood, is simply to take the pill before sexual contact and to enjoy the process for hours.

The effect of Viagra

What is the effect of Viagra on potency? The drug is highly efficient because the active ingredient dilates the arteries and increases the amount of blood that enters the cavernous body of the penis. The flow of blood provides the appearance of erection, enlargement, and hardening of the penis. Viagra is not a tool for arousal, pills only increase and support natural arousal men. After sexual intercourse is completed, and the partner occurred ejaculation, a member acquires its natural relaxed state. Viagra has an effect only on natural reactions and mechanisms of occurrence of erection, and is not a stimulant. This is her, growing with each passing year, the popularity and widespread demand.

Viagra and improves the quality of the sex. The sexual act becomes longer, the orgasm brings more pleasure and sense of release, and the willingness to act re-appears a short time later.

How to use Viagra

Viagra should be taken 1 tablet a day, about an hour before joining sexual intercourse. Research shows different times of exposure to drugs — from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. The drug is washed down with water. Alcohol with Viagra possible, but in limited quantities, because alcohol reduces the effect of sildenafil citrate. The effect of the pill lasts for 4 hours. The best result is noted after the third or fourth appointment.

During the testing of the drug, the vast majority of men rated their erection as corresponding to the last two items. Therefore Viagra has a leading position among pharmacological agents of this direction.

Long-term use of pills observed overall improvement of sexual function. Erection increases and improves blood circulation in the pelvis. Proven that Viagra enhances erectile function in 76% of 100%. The drug is effective even in severe cases of erectile dysfunction.

Before you check for yourself how it works Viagra on the potency, you should consult with a specialist on the subject of contraindications drug. The pill is not advisable to take elderly males, and also men that have problems with the kidneys and liver.